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I Fuck Wit You Girl Lyrics

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I Fuck Wit You Girl Lyrics by Rich Homie Quan was published on in and since that time I Fuck Wit You Girl Lyrics has been visited 9381 times.Se also some other popular lyrics by Rich Homie Quan: Off You Lyrics,WWYD Lyrics,Hold On Lyrics,Walk Thru Lyrics.

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[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
Nobody can't judge me girl i want
Judge you neither (uh uh)
I love yo smell (yo style)
Hotter then a feaver(burning up baby)
You diffrent from others(you are)
I love yo demeanor
You took me back time after time
Even tho i cheated
Thats why fuck with you girl , i fuck with you girl
I fuck with you , i fuck with you
I fuck with you girl
I fuck with you ,like you fuck with me
I show love to you ,like you show love to me
And she always come back home
Cause im her backbone i fuck with you girl
[quan talking]
I just want to apologize to all the good girls i done hurt
Know wat im saying ? i got a heart to man, soo i hope you find
It in yo heart to forgive me, u feel me ?

[1 verse]
I talk about jail alot cause that made me a man
Try'd yo best just to hold me down
I know you did wat you can
Pop's always told me never depend on another man hand
He say she say never listen to wat another man sayin
But i fuck with you girll , thinking bout putting a baby[?]
And ask that name he talm bout tell that nigga wat you really want
To do girl , take you on that shoppin spree spend 10 thousand
Thats just some tennis shoes girl. fuck ha this all for you girl
But you still can't


[2 verse]
The next night we was on the phone you stayed up that ain't nothing new
Me creeping on ya , me sneaking on ya , me cheating on ya , ain't noting new
If i fucked up you come to , if its a [?] machine you run through
My text messages , and my call logs ,if you don't beleive me you gone call my dawg
That ain't fair at all im in a galleria , i'll tear it down her deep throat
Want a powerball(suck it baby) them girls want that x call it malcolm , defensive end I'mma tackle
Im rushing in get my sack up , no green bay but I'mma cheesehead when that pack come
When that pack come these niggas don't know how to act bruh , smile in yo face
But they gone talk behind yo back bruh ,i dont care where you at u better know how to adapt boi
Cause you sold a couple ounces that dont mean you a trap boy , you can suck my dick but you can't judge me girl

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