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Birds Lyrics by Migos was published on Lyrics3e.com in and since that time Birds Lyrics has been visited 408 times.Birds Lyrics by Migos was found in No Label 2 Album.Se also some other popular lyrics by Migos: Versace Lyrics,China Town Lyrics,Rich Then Famous (Intro) Lyrics,Versace (Remix) Lyrics.

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{ambient nature sounds
Falcon calls and insects crickets}

[Intro: Quavo]
"ay twan turn that beat down"

Wassup Pablo?
What's poppin?
You got them birds?
I need em, I want it

[Hook: Quavo]
Had this dream that I woke up in a 'rari (*skrrt, skrrt, skrrt,*)
Can't fuck with you niggas, im sorry (no way)
I'm too fly, I spread my wings and I'm soarin' *migos chirp*
Used to trap them birds, now I'm fly like a bird (I got em', who need em')
B-birds...(just come on, right now)
B-b-birds...(c'mon, c'mon, just get right now)
Birds...(*extended migos chirp*)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Just hit my phone nigga, want a bird?
My niggas are right now on the curb
You can get a re-rock
You can get a whole serve
We locked and now I can front you
Young nigga that's my word
Walk in the bando, look at all them birds
Bando get low, re-up on the birds
Got shooters on pronto
Don't got no undo
At the age of 17 I hit my first kick do'
Jumped in with my man Offset
Shoutout to migos
Then 12 tried to get me
For gang activity
But the judge dropped the charge, and I thank lord
That's why i take this mic and I go hard

[Hook: Quavo]


[Verse 2: Offset]
Just got the work, just got the birds
Shabba Ranks though we don't kick it with Ferg
You think you finessing me? run off with ya bird
You gotta be kidding me
Charles Barkley, I got that broccoli
Fuckin' these bitches committing adultery
Trap fulla babies like an elementary
Windows with burglar bars, plugged in with Italian mobs
Don't never put trust in a broad
Im puttin' my trust up in God
I got birds, I got chickens, I got seagulls
Too many birds, my gun is an eagle
When I talk birds, I'm talkin' a kilo!

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 3: Takeoff]

The plug just hit my phone
For some funions, want an onion
Exotic crocodile skin Martens, call me Dundee
Tito want a brick, chico gotta cross the country
Carlito for a hundred, gave bout 50 to my mama!
I'm an OG in my hood, know I'm rich and well respected
Toucan Sam pictures, call me Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
I see falcons on a daily basis, Takeoff off the pint
Whippin' chickens in the kitchen
Trap smell like a septic tank
Rockin gold everything, talkin' jewelry not the sink
I don't need no translator, I comprehend either way
My plug Carlito, he can't speak no englo
All he knows is "andale"
I got bandos for the a-low
State-to-state, no real estate

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